JoinGame Workshop XIX: "Game Over"

On Wednesday September 30th, the final JoinGame workshop took place at Hotel Royal Garden in Trondheim. The title of the workshop was "Game Over" since this was the last JoinGame event ever. JoinGame has come to an end fall 2015.

The workshop was arranged in collaboration with the IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC 2015), and parts of the program was shared with ICEC conference attendees (the keynotes). The keynotes given were within experimental games, where one was on games to foster physical exercise (Floyd Muller) and the other on the next generation of games with focus on new technology and creating suspense (Yvonne Rogers). In addition, JoinGame was happy to announce that Jørgen Tharaldsen from Megapop Games, Ole Goethe and Hrafnhildur Jonasdottir from Westerdals, and Jack Kristoffer Wulff from Artplan gave reflective talks about how games and the visual expression in games have evolved over the years.

The program after lunch was a celebration of JoinGame as a network and the accomplishments from 2007 to 2015. This part of the program was in Norwegian and included some entertainement.

Presentations and Videos

Alf Inge WangHistorien om JoinGameYouTube Video
Floyd MullerKeynote: Exertation GamesYouTube Video
Jørgen TharaldsenNorwegian Game Industry 1992-2012, 20 Years of Creative Madness, Første aktYouTube Video
Presentation (PDF)
Jørgen TharaldsenNorwegian Game Industry 1992-2012, 20 Years of Creative Madness, Andre aktYouTube Video
Presentation (PDF)
Jack Kristoffersen WulffMy 22 years of blunders and mistakes in the game industryYouTube Video
Presentation (PDF)
Hrafnhildur JonasdottirSoft Innovation in Game DevelopmentYouTube Video
Presentation (PDF)
Ole GoetheMainstream Disobedience: How and Why Indie Developments Bend the RulesYouTube Video
Paper (PDF)
Presentation (video)
Alf Inge WangHistorien om JoinGame YouTube video


This JoinGame workshop will be a part of the ICEC 2015 conference program where the keynotes will be shared.

TimeProgram elementWho?
09:00Keynote: "Exertion Games"Floyd Muller, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia
10:30JoinGame IntroductionAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
10:35"Norwegian Game Developers - A Journey Through History"Jørgen Tharaldsen, MegaPop Games
11:20"Mainstream Disobedience: How and Why Indie Developments Bend the Rules"Ole Goethe og Hrafnhildur Jonasdottir Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Comm. & Tech
12:15"My 22 years of blunders and mistakes in the game industry"Jack Kristoffersen Wulff, Artplant
14:00Tilbakeblikk på JoinGame sin historieAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
16:10Keynote: "Why Suspense Matters"Yvonne Rogers, Prof. of Interaction Design, UDLIC
18:00Cultural Event (free for JoinGame participants)


Director of Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University Melbourne, Australia Floyd Muller.
Abstract: Exertion Games are games that require intense physical effort from players. The research is particularly focused on the merging of “play” and the human “body”, drawing from research streams such as embodied interaction, interaction design, human-computer interaction and games research. We have designed many exertion games and we also emphasize the development of working prototypes in order to fully understand what play is, why we play, and how we will play in the future. We do this because we believe playing and gaming is a fundamental part of what makes us humans who we are, and an understanding of this brings us closer to our vision of a better world filled with interactive technologies that support human values.

Professor and Director of UCLIC London, UK, Yvonne Rogers.
Abstract: New technologies, in the form of IoT, sensors, and wearables offer many opportunities to rethink the design of future games and what it means to play. However, much of today’s game design remains screen-based, entrenched in principles of reaching high scores, getting to the next level or moving up the leaderboard. How might we change this mindset to come up with new possibilities of playing? What might happen if we took as our starting point the state or feeling of being excited, anxious and uncertain? In my talk I will explain how bringing back suspense matters if the next generation of games is to become truly entertaining.

CEO of Megapop Games, Jørgen Tharaldsen.
Megapop is a gaming company focused on casual games with solid online components. The goal of the company is to create fun, engaging and lasting casual experiences, for gamers of all ages. Megapop has been a top #10 strategy game in 80+ countries, top #5 in 25+ countries, #1 in 7 countries. we are about making solid craftmanship. Abstract: Jørgen has long experience from the Norwegian Game Industry and has worked for FunCom and ArtPlant, and has been active in the game developer community for a long time. In this talk Jørgen will lead us through some history of the Norwegian Game Industry.

CEO Artplant, Jack Kristoffersen Wulff.
Artplant AS is a Norwegian game developer located in Oslo Norway. The company was started in 2001 by previous employees from Funcom and Innerloop. Artplan has released many games, and the innovative mix of minecraft and shooter game Block N Load that received very good critique was released on Steam April 30th 2015. Jack is one of the most experiences game developers in Norway and has worked as a Level designer for FunCom (Santa SNES game and Pochantas for the Mega Drive and SNES), producer for Dimaga Studios, producer for Innerloop (Joint Strike Fighter, Project IGI 1&2, Sega Extreme Sport for Dreamcast), and since 2001 CEO for Artplant (many games including Battlestar Galactica Online). Abstract: In his talk, Jack will share of his 22 years of experience in the game industry.

Associate Professor at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Comm & Tech Ole Goethe.
Ole Goethe is a Norwegian researcher and Associate Professor in the Department of Motion Pictures, Television and Games at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology specializing in the Life Sciences that comprise the fields of Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and Cognitivity applied through the Arts and Interaction Designs. The research is focused on user engagement in human–computer interaction. As an industry professional, he has primarily worked as a Lead Animator, Art Director and Supervisor for film, games, and motion graphics. Abstract: In his talk, Ole will present how visual arts and graphics in games have changed with the emphasis of the indie game wave.

PhD Research Fellow at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Comm & Tech Hrafnhildur Jonasdottir.
Hrafnhildur Jonasdottir works within the research field Information Systems and Innovation. Her focus is on examining innovation processes in the video game industry in Norway, specifically soft innovation in game development. She teaches IT and Innovation and Animation, in addition to supervising project software engineering, final bachelor projects, and master dissertation. Abstract: Hrafnhildur will do a joint presentation with Ole Goethe about how visual arts and graphics in games have changed the emphasis of the indie game wave.