JoinGame Workshop XVII: "Game platforms"

Thursday September 18th, JoinGame workshop XVII will take place at Samfunssalen Arrangement- og møtesenter in Oslo. The topic of the workshop is Game platforms and the focus will be on development, opportunities, and experiences from various game platforms. The program will also include a presentation with a historical perspective on game platforms that focuses on the Commodore Amiga platform from the mid-eighties.

Samfunssalen is located at Arbeidersamfunnets Plass 1 only 8 minutes walking distance from Oslo Central Station. Click on the map for directions!

You can find a summary and pictures from the workshop here and here!

Videos and Downloads

Here you can download presentations and watch videos from the workshop:

Who What Presentation Video
Alf Inge Wang Workshop introduction Download PDF Watch video on YouTube
Jimmy Maher The Future Was Here - The Commodore Amiga Download PDF Watch video on YouTube
James Portnow Game Business and Educational Games Watch video on YouTube
Nils Anderssen & June Jenssen Developing games for Nintendo DS Watch video on YouTube
Alf Inge Wang How much do you know about game platforms?  Watch video on YouTube
Shaid Ahmad Indie development on the Playstation Platform Watch video on YouTube
Joe Robbins Unity and Multi-platform Watch video on YouTube
Jørgen Tharaldsen Developing multi-platform free-2-play games Watch video on YouTube


Here is a pdf-version of todays program

TimeProgram elementWho?
09:30Registration / coffee
10:00Workshop introductionAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
10:10The Future Was Here - The Commodore AmigaJimmy Maher
11:00Creating multiplatform games as an indie developerJames Portnow, Rainmaker Games/Extra Credits/DigiPen
12:40Game development on the Oculus Rift PlatformOle Andreas Jordet, Krillbite
13:30Indie development on the Playstation PlatformShaid Ahmad, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
14:20How much do you know about game platforms?Alf Inge Wang, Kahoot!
14:40Developing games for Nintendo DSNils Anderssen and June Jenssen, Ravn Studios
15:30Coffee break
15:50Unity and Multi-platformJoe Robbins, Unity
16:40Developing multi-platform free-2-play gamesJørgen Tharaldsen, MegaPop
17:30Closing upAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame

About the contributors

Jimmy Maher call himself a digital antiquarian, who among other things have written the the book The Future Was Here - The Commodore Amiga which forms the foundation for his talk at the workshop. The Commodore Amiga computer platform that surfaced in 1985 was at that time the ultimate multi-media computer for creativity and gaming. From the blog The Digital Antiquarian - An Ongoing History of Computer Entertainment, you can find an historical Chronicle of interactive entertainment, particularly story-focued games.
James Portnow is a legend in the indie game community. With his hit webseries Extra Credits, his lectures at DigiPen, his work as a game designer, his initiatives to enforce a better narrative about games and his own work as an entrepreneur - he is an authority when it comes to games and the computer game industry. At the workshop, James will talk about how to deal with multi-platform as an indie developer.
Ole Andreas Jordet is a producer and "code monkey" at Norwegian Krillbite Studio who has released the very unique game Among the Sleep. Ole Andreas represent one of the most promising indie game developers in Norway and he has been a driving force for indie development in Norway. At the workshop, Ole Andreas will talk about game development for the Oculus Rift platform, which is one of the future platform for the Among the Sleep game.
Shahid Ahmad works as a senior business development manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and has been and is a driving force for winning over indies for the Sony Playstation platform. According to PlayStation Universe, Every Playstation fan needs to know who Shahid Ahmad is, as he is bringing all the indie games to the Playstation platform. At the workshop, Shahid will talk about indie game development on the Playstation platform.
Senior Game Designer Nils Anderssen and digital artist June Jenssen from Ravn Studio, which is an independent game development studio based in Drammen, Norway established by Stine Wærn and Tinka Town. Ravn studio is the only Norwegian company licensed to develop on all major gaming platforms: Nintendo Wii and DS/3DS, Sony PSP, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. At the workshop, (to be announced) will talk about game development or the Nintendo DS platform.
Joe Robins work as a Community Evangelist at Unity Technologies and his responsibility is to establish and implement a strategic plan of action for the Unity User Groups globally and present Unity at various events, conferences and expos. Unity has become the default indie game development environment and offers good support for developing games at multiple platforms with little effort to port from one platform to another. At the workshop, Joe will talk about multi-platform development using Unity.
Jørgen Tharaldsen is the CEO of MegaPop Games who has recently released the game Trolls vs Vikings on AppStore, Google Play, Amazon og Microsoft Store, and is a Norwegian game developer with a lot of experience among other things from FunCom. At the workshop, Jørgen will talk about developing multi-platform games that utilize the free-to-play business model.


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