2nd International JoinGame Conference

The 2nd International JoinGame Conference took place Thursday 31st of January in Auditorium 1 at NiTH in Oslo.
The theme of the conference was Evolution of Games, the Game industry, Game Technology and Gamers.


Title Download
 Conference Introduction, Alf Inge Wang Presentation (PDF), Video (MP4)
Game audio production, Jory Prum Video (MP4)
Game Technology of the Future, Simon McCallum Presentation (PDF), Video (MP4)
Evolution of Game Technology, Vojislav Dimitrijevic Video (MP4)
Doing Gender with Computer Games, Silje Hommedal Presentation (PDF), Video (MP4)
A Brief History og Games, Jørgen Kirksæter Presentation (PDF), Video (MP4)
History of Video Games Quiz, Kahoot! Video (MP4)
Game audio and HTML5, Jory Prum  Link to HTML5 Audio website, Video (MP4)
Game-based Learning as a Business, Johan Brand & Jamie Brooker Video (MP4)
Bringing Game Research to the Real World, Walt Scacchi Presentation (PDF), Video (MP4)
A list of participants with email-address, role and institution List of participants (PDF)


Here are some pictures from the conference provided by Knut-Olav Fjell (many thanks to Knut-Olav!):

ijc2_01_00.jpg ijc2_02_00.jpg ijc2_02_01.jpg
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About the Theme

Games, game technology, and the game industry are continuously changing to attract existing and new gamers. The focus of this conference is on the changes that are currently taking place in the realms of the industry, technology, use of media, game concepts, game genres, and more. Games and game technology are now being played on most digital platforms and are being applied to various domains and applications. Important questions in this setting are: how can we get most out of games and game technology, how can we harvest from both research institutions and commercial developers, and how are the gamers changing the industry?



The registration for the conference is now closed.


There might come some changes to the program, but the schedule is from 10:00-19:30.
The program has assigned plenty of time for questions and answers.

10:00Conference introductionAlf Inge WangJoinGame
10:10Game audio productionJory Prumstudio.jory.org
11:05Game Technology of the futureSimon McCallumHiG
12:00L U N C H
13:00Evolution of Game TechnologyVojislav DimitrijevicArtPlant
13:55Doing Gender with computer GamesSilje HommedalUiB
14:50C O F F I E B R E A K
15:10A Brief History of GamesJørgen KirksætherTransistor/UiO/NTNU
15:55History of video games quizKahootMobitroll
16:10Game audio and HTML5Jory Prumstudio.jory.org
17:05D I N N E R / S N A C K
18:00Game-based learning as a businessJohan Brand & Jamie BrookerWe are human
18:55Bringing game research to the real worldWalt ScacchiUniversity of California, Irvine

Program background & Speakers

The program has not been finalized, but here are some highlights that have been confirmed:

  • Bringing game research to the real world, Walt Scacchi , Research Director at the Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds, at University of California, Irvine. Walt is one the leading researchers on serious games in the world.
  • Game audio and HTML5, Jory Prum, game audio expert and owner of studio.jory.org. Jory has years of experiences from working with audio from many well-known game titles including the award-winning The Walking Dead series from telltale games
  • Game Technology of the Future, Simon McCallum, Associate professor at HiG and game researcher. Simon has years of experience working with game technology such as Augmented Reality, pervasive games and serious games.
  • Doing Gender with computer Games - Expectations and perceptions about Computer Games in a Gendered Perspective, Silje Hommedal, PhD student at UiB.
  • Evolution of Game Technology, Vojislav Dimitrijevic, Lead Animator and Technical Coordinator at ArtPlant.
  • Game-based learning as a business, Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker, founders of We are human. Johan and Jamie have many years of experience working with innovative learning technologies with many big companies such as HP and iTV.
  • History of Video Games, Jørgen Kirksæther. Jørgen is a well-known game researcher and journalist (currently NRK) with background in film as well as software engineering. His core research interests are sex and games, censorship/freedom of speech, games history and media policy.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Alf Inge Wang on phone +47 7359 4485 / +47 9228 9577 or send an email to play /a/ joingame /./ org.