4th International JoinGame Conference: "Games in the Future"

The 4th International JoinGame Conference took place April 9th to 10th 2015 at Voss Kulturhus, where the theme of the conference was "Games in the Future". The conference answered questions like how do we think the video games will evolve in the future, how will game software and hardware change in the future, what does the future look like for young and upcoming game developers, how do we wish the game industry will look like in the future?

The conference was a mixture of presentations, panel sessions, social interaction, games and fun!


Alf Inge Wang"Introduction" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Runa Haukland"Hamar Game Collective" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Ole Andreas Jordet"VR Games of the Future" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Jesper Krogh Kristiansen"The great green grassroot explosion of the Danish indie scene" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Adriel Wallick"Making games by heart" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Simon McCallum"How Future Technology will affect Game Technology" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Kristine Jørgensen"Game research: Games and Transgressive Aesthetics" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
Geoffrey Zatkin"Awesome Video Game Data" View video on YouTube, Download presentation
HiHm, HiN, HiNT, HiG,
Noroff, NTNU, Westerdals
"Games education @ ..." View video on YouTube
Presentation HiHM
Presentation HiN
Presentation HiNT, MMT @ HiNT, Studieprogram
Presentation HiG
Presentation Noroff
Presentation NTNU
Presentation Westerdals
HiHm, HiN, HiNT, HiG,
Noroff, NTNU, Westerdals
"Panel discussion: Future of Game Education in Norway" View video on YouTube
Linn Søvig"Norwegian Resource Center for Game Development" View video on YouTube, Download presentation


Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief NordicGameBits – Jesper Krogh Kristiansen

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen has a Master in Media Studies and Design from the University of Copenhagen. He has written about the Danish game industry for more than 10 years for publications like MetroXpress, Eurogamer, IGN Gameplay and Nordic Game Bits. He is a self-taught game and sound designer with contributions to both large and small Danish game productions. He also works as a consultant in the field of press and marketing for Danish game developers through the company Electric Bloo, and together with Julie Horup he has developed the podcast 'Game Magazine'.

Indie game developer and Expert Blogger for Gamasutra - Adriel Wallick

Adriel Wallick is an independent game developer most recently based out of the Netherlands. Originally a programmer on the next generation of weather satellites, she decided to explore gaming as a developer instead of just an avid gamer.

After spending time in the AAA games industry working on projects such as Rock Band Blitz, she gave it up to pursue independent game development and the joy of total creative freedom. Adriel is now traveling around, participating in and organizing game jams, working on several upcoming indie releases and developing her own personal projects.

CEO & Programmer Krillbite - Ole Andreas Jordet

Working as a producer at Krillbite Studio with great people. Because of my preferred way of approaching a problem I also love the ways of programming. My first passion is to find solutions to problems and help out in any way I can. Loves the possibilities of the game medium, and can't wait to see in what new ways we can use it. If I were to set a long-term professional goal, it would probably be a game of the year award! But that's just crazy...

Associate Professor at HiG - Simon McCallum

Simon McCallum is a Computer Scientist with research interests ranging from neuroscience to game design. Having worked in the game development industry in Norway he now heads the Game Programming degree at Gjøvik University College, and focuses on game technology research including augmented reality, brain computer interaction, and mobile gaming.

Simon is currently teaching Game Design, Game Programming, Advanced Game Technology, and Mobile Systems Development.

Captain of Hamar Game Collective - Runa Haukland

Runa is the captain of Hamar Game Collective, a small game collective in Norway. She was originally planning to be a concept artist, but changed her mind and is now responsible for the well being of HGC and its inhabitants, and she likes her job very much. The ultimate goal for Runa and HGC is to help grow the indie game community in Norway to it’s fullest potential.

Board member in Spillmakerlauget and Leader of GameDev Norway - Linn Søvig

Linn Søvig is educated in media science and was one of the four founders of the blogg Spillpikene. Søvig has been a driving force for annually the game development conference Konsoll in Bergen. She was awarded the "Ridder av det gylde horn" award for her contribution to the Norwegian game community by Hyperion in 2013, and was nominated the Girl Geek of the Year in 2014.

Founder EEDAR - Geoffrey Zatkin

Mr. Zatkin is a co-founder of EEDAR, the video game industry’s premier research and business-intelligence firm, and currently serves on its Board of Directors. Mr. Zatkin has over 20 years of experience in video game development, tools, and analytics. Mr. Zatkin has served in senior design roles for numerous video game titles generating over $1 billion in combined revenue. He was an integral part of the original EverQuest design team and helped pioneer the rise of MMO games.

In addition, Mr. Zatkin is a frequent contributor to industry development as a presenter at the Game Developers Conference, PAX, and various other conferences and collegiate game courses.

Associate Professor at UiB and Board member JoinGame - Kristine Jørgensen

Kristine Jørgensen is a new media scholar with focus on digital games research. She is teaching and supervising game studies on master and bachelor level, as well as conducting research on games from social science and humanities perspective.

Jørgensen many international publications and her specialities include computer game theory, game audio research, auditory display studies, qualitative research, computer game interfaces, game usability, and game industry.


Thursday April 9th

TimeProgram elementWho?
09:30Registration / coffee
10:00Conference introductionAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
10:10Hamar Game CollectiveRuna Haukland, HGC
10:50VR Games of the FutureOle Andreas Jordet, Krillbite
11:40Coffee break
12:00The great green grassroot explosion of the Danish indie sceneJesper Krogh Kristiansen, NordicGameBits
14:00Making games by heartAdriel Wallick, Gamasutra/Indie game dev
15:00Mini-break (stretch your legs)
15:05How Future Technology will affect Game TechnologySimon McCallum, HiG
15:55Coffee break
16:15Game research: Games and Transgressive AestheticsKristine Jørgensen, Universitet i Bergen
16:55Mini break
17:00Awesome Video Game DataGeoffrey Zatkin, EEDAR
17:40SummaryAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
19:00Dinner: Park Hotell Vossevangen

Friday April 10th

TimeProgram elementWho?
09:00Introduction to the Future of Game Education in NorwayAlf Inge Wang, JoinGame
09:05 Game education @ HiHM, Høgskolelektorne Håvard Vibeto og Bård Gunnerud
09:15 Game education @ HiN, Arne Lakså
09:25 Game education @ HiNT Studieleder Robin Munkvold/Studiekoordinator Trond Olav Skevik
09:35 Game education @ HiG, Førsteamanuensis Simon McCallum
09:45 Game education @ Noroff, Faglærer 3D spilldesign Tommy Thorseth
09:55 Game education @ NTNU, Professor Alf Inge Wang
10:05 Game education @ Westerdals, PhD. stipendiat Hrafnhildur Jonasdottir og Lærer Kjetil Raaen
10:15Panel discussion: Future of Game Education in NorwayWesterdals, NTNU, HiG, HiNT, Noroff, HiN, HiHM
11:00Coffee break
11:20Norwegian Resource Center for Game Development
- Future of Norwegian Game Industry
Linn Søvig, GameDev Norway
12:00Closing remarks (5 min)Alf Inge Wang, JoinGame