3rd International JoinGame Conference

The 3rd International JoinGame Conference tookplace at Voss (not too far away from Bergen) 30th and 31st of January 2014. The theme of the conference was Games, Sustainable business, and E-sport, and the conference featured presentation and discussions from forerunner in national and international game industry as well as game researchers.


Here you can find material from the conference (presentation and videos):

Title Presentation Video
Conference introduction, Alf Inge Wang View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
Growth of games in Oulu, Tony Manninen View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
How to grow as a game developer, Brian Weisberg View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
Game-based Learning in the Classroom, Alf Inge Wang View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
Getting Teslagrad on Steam, PS3, PS4 PS Vita and Wii-U, Peter Wingaard Meldahl View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
The State of Game Developers in Norway, Bjarne Rene View presentation (PDF) View Video (MP4)
Discussion: The State of Game Developers in Norway View Video (MP4)
Konsoll 2014 View Video (MP4)
E-Sport, Lasse Lervik View presentation (Prezi) View Video (MP4)
Interactive session one: E-Sport View Video (MP4)
Norsk kompetansesenter for spillutvikling, Linn Søvig View presentation (PDF) View Video (MP4)
Spillmakerlauget View presentation (PDF) View Video (MPG)
Alacho, youtuber med fokus på dataspill View Video (MPG)


The theme of the conference is Games, Sustainable business, and E-sport

Program Thursday 30th of January 2014

Time Title Who? Institution
10:00 Conference introduction Alf Inge Wang JoinGame
10:10 Growth of games in Oulu Tony Manninen  LudoCraft
11:20 How to grow as a game developer Brian Weisberg BetaFactory
12:10 Game-based Learning in the Classroom Alf Inge Wang Mobitroll/Kahoot!
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Getting Teslagrad on Steam, PS3, PS4 PS Vita and Wii-U Peter Wingaard Meldahl Rain Games
14:50  The State of Game Developers in Norway Bjarne Rene  Vostopia/JoinGame
16:10 Game quiz with prizes Alf Inge Wang Kahoot!
16:50 Summary Alf Inge Wang JoinGame
19:00 Dinner at Park Hotel Vossevangen

Program Friday 31st of January 2014

Time Title Who? Institution
09:00 Introduction Alf Inge Wang JoinGame
09:05 Introdution to E-Sport Lasse Lervik  Pressfire
09:55 Interactive session one: E-Sport Panel: Lasse Lervik, Remy Bredesen, Christophe Roblin, Fredrik Bergmann
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Norsk kompetansesenter for spillutvikling Linn Søvig m/fler  Spillmakerlauget
11:55 Conference Closing Alf Inge Wang JoinGame

About the Conference Contributors

Here are some highlights about the contributors to the conference program:

Picture Name Institution Background
tonymanninen.jpg Tony Manninen LudoCraft LtD. PhD in game and virtual environment design, CEO & Lead Designer at LudoCraft.
brianweisberg.jpg Brian Weisberg BetaFactory Founder of startup accelerator betaFactory, with experience in management consulting, business development, corporate finance and equity research
jo-remi_madsen.jpg Jo-Remi Madsen D-Pad Studio Co-Founder of D-Pad Studio responsible for titles such as Savant - Ascent and OwlBoy
eyjofurgudmundsson.jpg Eyjólfur Guðmundsson CCP Games Director and lead economist at CCP Games responsible for game titles such as EVE Online, World of Darkness, DUST 514, and EVE: Valkyrie
 mortenlarssen.jpg  Morten Larsen FunCom Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Funcom, with specialities on marketing, PR, business development, project management, negotiation and communication skills.
lasselervik.jpg Lasse Lervik Pressfire/Dagbladet  Game Journalist Dagbladet/Pressfire
remybredesen.jpg  Remy Bredesen Lions Working with E-Sport teams, events, gear and as an international e-sport referee
christopheroblin.jpg Christophe Roblin Lions Founder of Oslo Lions Elektroniske SportsKlubb
fredrikbergmann.jpg Fredrik Bergmann Team Dignitas Professional gaming in TrackMania (won World Championship in TrackMania 2010)
kristinejorgensen.jpg Kristine Jørgensen UiB Work as Associate Professor at UiB and is a member of the board of JoinGame. Has a PhD within computer games and her research focuses on game sound, user interfaces in games, the player role, games research methods, the Norwegian game industry, game narrative, and social play.


If you have any questions, comments or enquires regarding the conference, send us an email.